As a broadcast and journalism major I have taken many writing class.

One thing is writing for print media and another is for broadcast.

Print media involves writing in many different forms, this includes feature stories, columns, lead and meeting stories, as well as many more.

Broadcast is much simpler. You just tell a story and follow the correct AP Style format that is used on regular TV News.

I am used to stating facts and not having an opinion….

Until I took this opinion writing class is that I realized how difficult it was to state my opinion in a simple 400 word column. Worse off backing it up with proven facts that make my opinion reasonable.

Every column I seemed to write in this class lacked sources that made my facts believable, as well as attribution to the information I was providing.

Failing grades on each column made me realize that I was not understanding the meaning of opinion writing. I had been so used to writing feature stories that I forgot the basics of writing a simple column in my own opinion.

Once I reached out to my professor is that I understood the simple mistakes I was making in my writing. I learned to correctly back up my opinion with sources and attribution, as well as some simple AP Style errors I kept making.

I now can say that opinion writing is no longer a challenge for me.


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Pastafina Italian Restaurante

As college students many of us work in the restaurant industry as servers.

The first waitress job I had was at Pastafina Italian Restaurant in Cleburne. A family owned business with three other locations that sells authentic northern and southern italian cuisine.

They serve traditional favorite homemade lasagna and pizzas, to house specialties like Shrimp and Veal Capri, Lobster Ravioli, Chicken Florentine, and Chicken Romano, all served with their fresh baked bread.

Management, cooks, serveres, and host all work as a team to make the dining experience the best possible. They don’t use fancy advanced systems, there more old school still using pen and paper for their scheduling, server sections, and guest sitting. The provide a warm and casual atmosphere, although they play italian music rather than modern english music.

I learned many things from working at this place. From how to deal with angry dissatisfied customers to being able to carry a tray full of heavy dishes over my head. The management is great, no matter how many times a server messes up, they remain calm and miraculously in a good mood. There people who take their job serious and care about the restaurant they own, but at the same time have a sense of humor and like to interact with their servers in a friendly and silly way.

I loved working at this restaurant, sadly I had to leave because of an internship that I received, but I continue to  eat here every once in a while.

The people who work at this restaurant are passionate about what they do and make everyone feel like at home.

HOME….is what I like to call Pastafina. I will always consider it the place that sharpened my customer service and timeliness skills.

Not to mention it made me three times stinger than what I was.

If your looking for great italian food, this is the place to go.

A guaranteed great dining experience!


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Stepping into a Magical World

All of a sudden you have wondered off into a magical world in which you see yourself twirling around in many circles. Everything around you has froze and the materialistic and stressful life we live in can no longer be seen.

How do I seem to fall into this type of world?

Why am I twirling in many circles?

The question is how and why…?


To many dancing is a form of exercise, for others it means a night out with friends at a club. While for many its just a form of being silly and having fun.

I don’t remember the day I began dancing, that is how long this extraordinary hobby has been part of my life. The type of music does not matter, it can be hip hop, salsa, or country. The way I feel when I dance is magical either way, my mind goes off into a different world and for just a few seconds I forget what’s around me. If you don’t dance with passion and put all the energy you can into one simple move, then the magic does not appear.

Many people ask me how I learned to dance and why I am so good at it.

“It must be from all those quinceaneras you have been in,” this is the thought many of the people who have met me think when they see me dance for the first time.

There is no real answer as to how I learned, my philosophy is that I taught myself, which happens to be true. Like many other girls who love to dance I did not take dance classes growing up or become part of a club dance team. My priorities during middle and high school years were always set on grades and sports. Dancing has always been more of a favorite hobby that I enjoy doing on my spare time, something that makes me feel like I can conquer the world after I do it.

I remember standing in front of the TV when I was only a little kid, still learning how to properly read and write. Nothing would be playing, but I was able to see myself through the black TV screen. I would twirl around and dance doing all sorts of crazy moves while I watched myself.

As I grew up I started noticing all the different types of music that make dancing possible.

This time I would stand in front of a mirror and listen to the beat that made my feet, hands, and body move. As I closed my eyes and just danced I discovered this magical feeling you get when you dance. I felt like I was floating in the sky just dancing on the clouds, while everything  around me had disappeared.

Time goes by and we grow, I don’t stand in front of many TV’s and mirrors now to watch myself dance, but I do still go into the same magical world I always go in when I do this hobby. I forget about the personal problems I might be having and it helps me relieve the stress that school and work brings upon me.

Dancing is an undiscovered magical world that many have yet to encounter..

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The Hobby of Bicycling

What do I enjoy doing?

What makes me happy?

What helps me relieve all my stress?

The Real Question is.. What is my  favorite hobby?


Well there are so many things I enjoy doing that make me feel like this.

I like to run, shop, dance, and paint.

But I also love to ride bikes, this has been my all time favorite hobby since I was a kid.

During the nice weather I used to go out every evening after school on a ride around the block. Back then I felt like it was the coolest thing in the world because I used to pretend It was driving a car. Riding with one hand or foot on the bike, made me feel like I was so awesome at bike riding that I could not wait to show off my trick to the rest of the kids.

As I grew up into late middle school years and eventually high school I found bicycling as a form of working out and getting in shape. The cool tricks were not so much of an importance anymore, it was more of how many miles I was going to bicycle that one day.

College years came along, and bicycling was not about the tricks or working out but about stress relieving. As I grew older two jobs, full-time student, internships, and long commutes have been my life for the past three years. The level of stress that I deal with can be very high sometimes, but what is it that helps me keep it together and not have a complete meltdown. Every Sunday I make it a goal to go bicycling for at least an hour, wether it be at a park, around my town, or in my backyard.

All I can say is that when I get on that bike and ride around, the feeling of the wind, the scenery, the smell of nature helps me forget about anything that I had going on in my mind. The stress goes down to a minimum level and I feel like I can conquer the world afterwards.

If you have not ridden a bike in a while please do so, its the best hobby ever.


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Football at UTA

Those of us who are from this country know that football is the most important sport for many. If you don’t like football then your not a true American.

Starting from Peewee, Middle to High School to College it seems of a great importance. Especially for those students who go on to college, friends and family are always concerned at the fact of wether you school has a football team or not.

Much to our surprise UTA does not have a football team and it hasn’t had one for many years now.


Students do complain at all times, some write letters to the University president, while others share their opinion all over social media.

Honestly I don’t think the location that UT Arlington is at would fit for a football crowd.

I think there is no need to start a football team, our basketball team makes up for not having football. The women’s and mens basketball teams do great every year.

We are known for our basketball team, so I think there is no need to get all worked up about not having football.

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Why NOT A Tier one University

When I think of a Tier One University the first thing that pops in my mind is a lot of money.

Why money?

Well usually tier one universities are those whose tuition is beyond high. Meaning they have the money for all the research expenses.

Now, what keeps UTA from being a tier one university?

We just don’t have the full financial resource and I also think it is the location we are at.

UT Arlington would have to raise their  tuition rates to a high number just to be abler o afford all the research expenses. Due to the location of the University, I do not see this as a possibility.

Although for some students the tuition rates are already pretty high, many others see it as not so inexpensive compared to other universities.

Our university is a place that is known for its diversity and flat tuition rate. We might not be a tier one University but we are considered one of the best universities in Texas and all around for research and career development.

Not a tier one University but after all one of the best places there is to reach and accomplish your dreams at.

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The elections this year are not the best. Honestly I can’t jump up right away and yell.

“oh I Know, who I’m voting for, I know who!”

No this is not the case, at all.

Simply because, why I mentioned in my previous blog post, the elections  this year make me feel like I am experiencing some type of circus show.

Although if I had to say, who will I not be voting for, the answer is so obvious to those of us who think alike.

No way will I ever vote for Donald Trump.

The reasons are pretty simple, as they are to others.

First of all he portrays himself as a very racist person towards the hispanic community. Meaning when he refers to  hispanics as criminals, who are only here to take the job of other Americans. His bright idea of building a huge wall against the border, but wanting the government of  Mexico to pay for it. His rude comments to many people people who are part of the hispanic media.

Second of all he is just a very ignorant person, who obviously does not think before he talks.

Finally, to me he stands out as a self centered person who leans more towards pleasing the reach society, rather than the middle class and those of more poverty.

I would never vote for someone like Trump.





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